Non attachment!


The practice of yoga is all about letting go of habit.  Easier said than done! First, we have to become aware of them.  If you’re lucky enough to become aware, that’s where the work begins.  Hmmmmmm, habits……….do you always go to the same spot in class? How bout, come 4:00 a nice cup of tea or coffee? Take the same route all the time? All habits that seem pretty non-threatening. Habits are attachments although and having attachments leads to suffering.  It seems quite clear, however that if you are human, you have beautiful attachments, to those you love, ideals, self, etc.  So looking at this is truly a practice.

Vairagya is nonattachment-letting go of aversions, fears, false identities that cloud the true self.  If you can’t start with those, start with going to a different spot in yoga class!

Abhyasa is practice-persistant effort and observation of the deeper levels as they unfold. Notice what happens when you go to that different spot, but don’t judge it, just be with it.

There are many benefits to vairagya and abhasa but a really easy one to grab hold of is, it’s good for your brain!  Changing things up creates new grooves and new grooves are really good. We want youthful brains!  I was watching “The Simpsons” once and Homer’s boss Mr. Burns was told he had so many illnesses that they balanced each other out and the graphic was all these crazy, evil looking germs caught in a doorway together, not able to go anywhere. It was hilarious and I thought it a perfect example of how habits can also hold us together. We accumulate ways of dealing with our world and they become unconscious behaviors that start to rule over us. Instead of falling into that trap, let’s all let go and even if it’s just in a yoga class, when the instructor says (maybe for the billionth time) let go, just do it and see what happens.  It’ll feel amazing.

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