“Anne Marie Robinson is one of those rare yoga teachers whose classes are at once rigorous and fun. The fun comes from her background in dance and from her deep reservoir of humor. She had me working to the edge of my strength, stamina and flexibility and moving with greater fluidity and ease. And also with greater pleasure. Through it all, Anne Marie never deviates from yoga’s fundamental aim: to yoke the active body to the conscious mind. I envy any yogi or yogini who has the good fortune to work with her.” -PT
“Anne’s classes are amazing. The dancer in her brings out the understanding of where the strength and power come from, the yogini in her brings the humor and balance that make the teaching work.” –Laura P.
“Anne is my favorite yoga teacher. Her blend of knowledge of the body, seamless instruction, and relaxed energy make the class physically fulfilling, a perfect blend of effort & ease, and unites me with the bigger picture of yoga.” -PW
“I’ve been practicing yoga for about eight years and have regularly taken Anne’s Vinyasa classes for about three years. They are a great balance. There is a relaxed nature in her classes that allow you to self experiment and push yourself when you think you should and not feel compelled to. The extension into more difficult versions of a pose come into view and you decide when and to what degree to proceed or not. A great environment in which to study oneself.” –Harvey
“I’ve been practicing yoga since I moved to NY to study singing in 1976. In all that time I’ve worked + learned from a great variety of teachers in many different studios. I am thrilled to say that my new yoga home MaMA” -is the most pleasant space I’ve been taught in. But even better news is that Anne Robinson is a wonderful teacher. Her classes are thoughtfully guided in the sequences, her clear instruction is wise, safe, insightful, joyous and serene. I truly feel instantly at home in this community.” -Kate Johnson – opera Singer/teacher
“I’ve been to many different yoga classes in NYC + Upstate NY over the years, and Anne by far has been the most balanced, integrated, and enjoyable teacher.”
“Being in Anne’s vinyasa flow classes over the years not only helped me stay fit, flexible and focused…it helped build enough confidence in me to teach others.” -Eve Levy
“I practice yoga twice a week with Anne through her donation program. I am so grateful for this class because I wouldn’t be able to take class otherwise.” -AL
“Prenatal yoga was the one time per week that I could turn off and focus on myself. I loved it. If I missed a week, my whole body rebelled.” -MW
“I am a choreographer and dancer in NYC. I’ve taken from many teachers and Anne’s class is unique. Her class is extremely integrated, smoothly flowing and fun yet still incredibly focused, vigorous and truly all-enveloping.”
“I could not survive my daily stress or be half as productive as I am if not for Anne and her weekly yoga classes.” -Eve Waltermaurer, PhD, Associate Professor, Director of Research & Evaluation, SUNY New Paltz; President, Rosendale Theatre
“Anne is an inspired yoga teacher, beautiful inside and out. She is nurturing, and strong but gentle. I have been practicing yoga for 6 years, and she is one of the most talented teachers I have ever met.” -Susan Einhorn
“As a yoga teacher and life-long student, I love Anne’s classes. They have a wonderful flow, with alignment-focused sequencing and demonstrations. Anne gives her attention to each student throughout her classes, and her sense of humor makes it even more joyful, if that’s possible.” -Doreen
“Anne’s teaching is good for both body and soul. Her class is inspiring, challenging, and fun. Having practiced yoga for 20 years, I can say with authority, Anne has a presence that makes me give my best on the mat.” -Bruce Littlefield
“As a registered yoga teacher with a 7 year practice, I am constantly looking for classes that are both challenging and grounding. I find that at MaMA, where I take Anne’s classes often. Her energy is immensely personable and warm, and I feel safe and at ease in the flows and class sequences. Anne is very inspirational and I often recommend her classes to friends. MaMA is definitely one of my favorite yoga studios in the Hudson Valley!” -Elizabeth Gross RYT
“I like Anne’s calm, clarity and consistency. Her personal strength of purpose is mysteriously conveyed in her yoga teaching and as a result I walk out of class stronger myself.” -Carole K.
“I’ve been attending Anne’s yoga classes on a regular basis for over six years, and I have greatly appreciated her teaching. She knows how to encourage each person—advanced or beginner—to breathe into the areas of tightness and to stretch beyond one’s comfort level for each posture, yet within one’s own level and safe range of movement. Yoga has been a transforming experience for me.” -Marianne Tully, 68
“I love Anne’s classes, each one is different. With her dance background, she has a wonderful way of choreographing her stretch and asana sequences. As a dancer myself, I appreciate her knowledge of anatomy and her attention to correct alignment and moving from our center. She encourages us to work to our fullest potential, yet within our own comfort zones. I always feel renewed, energized, and well stretched when I leave her class!” –Leslie
“I love Anne’s classes! She brings an extraordinary dimension to her teaching (and a delicious contrast to other teachers I’ve had) in her long experience as a dancer. Her classes attract a wide diversity of ages and experience yet somehow it’s gentle yet conscious of what a body can do. When class is over I find I’ve gone further than I expected without stress or strain and I feel wonderful.” –Brenda
“I have been to a lot of yoga classes and enjoy checking out different teachers and styles. I really appreciate that Anne has a dancer’s perspective on yoga. I always learn something in her class or am asked to consider things in a fresh way.” –Felisa
“Anne is a generous soul and has donated many private yoga classes to the community. This included the past two Hudson Valley Artists Concerts WACBIZ produced. Her yoga proceeds went to heal the devistation and loss after both Hurricane Irene and Sandy.” -Suzane Hilleary | Writers&Artists Cooperative | Kerhonkson, NY
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